Use a Custom Thumbnail for a Good First Impression

After we upload a video to YouTube, we have the choice to pick a still picture from our video timeline. We also have the option to upload our custom thumbnail picture instead. Since thumbnails are intended to capture our audiences’ attention and entice them, we recommend you use a thumbnail maker to create a custom image.

There’s a Tool for That

First, we need a super easy thumbnail maker tool to let us customize the thumbnail to ensure it stands out. Keep in mind that custom images are only available to verified YouTube accounts. Other requirements include image file size and format compliance. We recommend a 16:9 ratio jpeg image that is 1280×720 pixels in dimension.

Fortunately, a number of the free YouTube thumbnail creator tools have those image formats and sizes worked in their programs. Therefore, we don’t need to worry about resizing or reformatting later.

Top 5 Free Tools that Gets the Job Done

To get the job done, we need a tool that can create a thumbnail easily, quickly, and preferably for free. We have collected and evaluated the most popular online image editors on the market. Lucky for you, we believe we have the best five tools that will work great for your next YouTube project.


Backgrounder ranking among best youtube thumbnail maker

Our best description of Panzoid’s backgrounder tool is that it is fast and straightforward. The editor is as basic as it gets. Click on a drop-menu to make changes to the image size and format parameters.

Also, the tool lets you pick from a couple of pre-made layouts or start one from scratch. After that, you can move on to customize the image and add new layers. These layers include properties like images or custom text. You may also create layer templates that you can use in future projects. Some scientific studies suggest that our eyes are attracted to bright color patterns. As an additional bonus, Backgrounder enables you to generate a color gradient or a sunburst to make your thumbnail stand out.

Our takeaway from Backgrounder is that it is fast and straightforward and free to use. However, don’t expect much more out of it if you are a professional graphic artist that needs much more from a thumbnail creator.


Snappa ranking among best youtube thumbnail maker

Snappa is a jack-of-all-trades that enables you to do more than make YouTube thumbnails. It is among the most effective graphic design programs for non-designers due to its flexibility and simplicity. It delivers a slew of templates for social media websites in addition to YouTube thumbnails. All you will need is to register for a free account and begin utilizing some of those pre-made YouTube templates.

Furthermore, Snappa also lets you create YouTube templates from scratch. Use Snappa’s built-in icons library or upload images yourself to use in your thumbnail. The software provides you limitless options to customize your thumbnails. You can create shapes, add effects, add custom texts, and customize the background.

Lastly, the program has a free and a paid option. However, there are a lot of restrictions on the free account. Both account types are only available on a website. Snappa may not work well for users who want to work offline. Fortunately, the excellent mix of features and built-in social media templates makes it an excellent tool for a YouTube thumbnail maker.

Adobe Spark

Adobe Spark ranking among best youtube thumbnail maker

We can promise you that Adobe Spark will help you create YouTube thumbnails very smoothly. The software carries the Adobe brand name, so it does not disappoint. Spark does not charge for pre-made thumbnail layouts. The library has a select group for YouTube thumbnails. Spark makes creating thumbnails very easy and straightforward.

Moreover, you do get to customize your layout with your color palette, background components, text, along with some other essential choices.

Finally, the app has a free and premium mobile iOS app. Although the free version has essential graphic editor functions, the free templates make up for it.


Fotojet ranking among best youtube thumbnail maker

Fotojet is another fantastic tool you can use to create stunning YouTube thumbnails.  It’s a simple interface which lets you make stunning thumbnails with no complications. You don’t even have to sign up to use Fotojet. Head to the site and begin designing your thumbnails immediately.

First of all, do not allow the advertisements on the Fotojet editor page to scare you away. That is the cost of having access to a semi-professional tool for free. You can get rid of the ads anytime by upgrading to the paid version.

The program includes pre-made YouTube templates along with over 500 other attractive designs. However, some pre-made layouts are only available to paying subscribers. You can also upload your images, add custom text, and customize the background of the template with different colors and designs. Lastly, you can use the tool to add filters, resize, crop, or even rotate your images.

All that said, Fotojet is a great web-based graphics editor. Although you can not use it offline, the stock YouTube thumbnail templates give it a winning edge.


Canva ranking among best youtube thumbnail maker

Lastly, Canva is one of the most versatile and intuitive design tools available for creating amazing YouTube thumbnails. The device is quite helpful to non-designers who want to produce professional-looking artwork. We believe Canva is the ultimate YouTube thumbnail creator tool to make eye-grabbing thumbnails.

In addition to having a specific YouTube thumbnail template, you may use the application to upload your images. Use its smooth drag-and-drop interface to add custom text, add your images, and much more. Or you can use Canva’s extensive built-in library that includes over one million photos, graphics, templates, and fonts.

We love that Canva is free to use and lets you create a YouTube thumbnail right out of the box. Simply log-in and click on the Social Media & Email Headers from the drop-down menu to begin designing a thumbnail right away.

Get the Android or iOS mobile app to create your custom thumbnail on the go. Or work on your project through any web browser. Although Canva is not exclusive to YouTube, it does carry great support and compatibility. Use the free version or buy into the subscription model for a few more enhanced features.

In Summary

Winner of Best Free YouTube Editor in 2019

If you are looking for a significant edge to capture a person’s attention when they scan YouTube, you can do so with an awesome thumbnail image. It is imperative to prioritize the thumbnail for an excellent first impression since our brain responds better to a visual stimulus instead of written text.

In this article, we cover the best free and easy to use graphics editors to create YouTube thumbnails. Canva meets all of our criteria for the go-to tool to start creating thumbnails out of the box. Indeed, there are superior thumbnail-makers that can do the same job. However, we believe it is imperative to use the most cost-effective program that can do the same job at a cheaper rate, or for free.

In conclusion, we recommend you use the best free YouTube thumbnail maker in the market. All of these graphics editors will help you create high-quality thumbnails. A great thumbnail will help grab users’ attention and potentially drive higher traffic and views to your video projects.


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