• Coronavirus Live Updates

    With tax revenues plummeting, states could face a cumulative budget gap of at least $555 billion through the 2022 fiscal year, according to one estimate.

  • It’s Always the Summer of the Shark

    Even during a pandemic, we cannot get the white shark out of our minds. Despite the rare attack, experts say humans have little to fear.

  • Konrad Steffen, Who Sounded Alarm on Greenland Ice, Dies at 68

    A renowned researcher on rising sea levels, he died after falling into the kind of crevasse that warming has created. “It looks like climate change actually claimed him as a victim,” a colleague said.

  • Why are Archaea so hard to cultivate in the lab?

    I find the archaea very fascinating, being a whole different domain of prokaryotes and possibly being the ancestor of eukaryotes. One thing that is apparent from my casual reading though is that compared to bacteria we know very little […]

  • What does the ISS do during meteor showers?

    I was watching the Perseids the other day and was blown away. Some of the meteors streaked across as much as 20-30% of the sky and some left long visible trails, which I imagine means they were probably quite big. How does the ISS avoid […]

  • What separates the nerves of the glans of a penis from any other nerve?

    I was thinking about this the other day while browsing some extra curricular sites - and it got me thinking: Why does the penis feel good in comparison to something more innocuous, like say - the nerves on someone's chest. Is this an […]