Guided Sleep Meditation Relaxation Techniques

Slip into a deep sleep in less than 180 minutes with mesmerizing moving stars and cinematic sci-fi audio track.

Just click on this video when you want to go to sleep. It’s a 180-minute long free willing meditation guide for deep sleep that will allow you to lose your thoughts and relax your breathing. Our deep curiosity about the cosmos will let you immerse your thoughts on counting stars, track the flashing lights, and go to sleep quickly. The guided meditation will shake you out of sleep. There are no bells at the end, so you will not be jarred again awake. Instead, it will allow you to go even deeper into restful, regenerative sleep. You may use a sleep timer on your device to turn off the meditation even sooner than the 180 minutes prescheduled voyage.

The Aches and Pains of Traditional Sleep Meditation

Guided sleep meditation promises to help us get a good night rest. However, there is a huge caveat that comes along with that. It requires an upfront investment of our time, patience, and concentration. If we could only afford the luxury of possessing these factors, we would not end up with the problem in the first place.

So here is our opportunity to take advantage of a short cut. Play this video when you’re sitting at your desk, washing dishes, doing laundry, and even watching tv. Your mind will slowly sync with the rhythm of the moving stars and melodic trance of the audio track. Sleep meditation is not a magic bullet, but falling into a deeper restful and regenerative sleep isn’t rocket science either.

Why We Can’t Help Ourselves From Counting Stars

Dark skies with bright stars

A star is an astronomical object consisting of a luminous spheroid of plasma held together by gravity. We can see stars with our naked eye during the night. They appear as a cluster of fixed dancing fireflies in the sky. Stars vary in different intensity of brightness based on how far they are from Earth. Our eyes automatically track their movement in the heavens while our brain predicts the next sequence flashing patterns. It’s no wonder why we can lose time with counting stars.

Find out more about stars from the pros.

How Can Moving Stars Help You?

In conclusion, use our Moving Stars video if you live on a busy street or a quiet place far away from neighbors. These rising stars will replace the cacophony of white noise, strobing blue lights, and the constant interruption in your day. Play the video early in your day and throughout the day. By the time you’re ready to lay down, your brain will reflexively queue it up as soon as your mind starts to race. Enjoy your future of deep natural, peaceful sleep with these rising stars.

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